A Fertile Moment where Paths Cross and Destinations Merge

A Fertile Moment where Paths Cross and
Destinations Merge

Mixed Media: Starch Resist Fabric Created by the Artist, Paper, Ink, Gesso, and Embroidery
32” W x 25” H

About this Series:

In 2003 I made my first trip to West Africa. The intersection of art and life I found in Africa continues to empower many of my works. The first trip was highly influenced by the artistic practices I encountered among the Baule, Malinki, and Senufo of Cote D’Ivoire. I traveled to Mali West African in 2004 where the Bamana, Dogon, Fulani, and Bozo people inspired work based on the idea of talismans and amulets designed to protect, heal, and empower the wearer.